International Coalition for Empowering People

June 28, 2014

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International Coalition for Empowering People

Mardi, 24 juin 2014 – 14:00
Grande salle de conférence


Medea Benjamin 
American Political Activist

Norman Finkelstein 
PHD Political Science, Princeton University

Hatem Azzam 
Ex -Egyptian Parliament Member and Member of the Constitution writing Committee 2012

Brian Joyce 
Journalist and radio presenter, Atlanta USA

Nahla Nasser 
Political and human rights activist

« A group of influential individuals, organizations and associations from across the world are gathering to propose an agreement that aims to advance the democratic process in countries that face the threat of military coups d’état», Egyptians Abroad for Democracy Worldwide announces.

“Recent military coups in Egypt and Thailand have come to highlight the dangers of imposing military rule on people’s lives, while trivializing established democratic electoral processes. This agreement aims to form a coalition that supports the right of citizens of every nation to choose its political leaders in peaceful means and in an inclusive manner. »


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