"In 16 days, the IDF has done what no other state has done in 16 years" – Sir Shimon (I'm sure Hitler would agree.)

January 11, 2009

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Peres: The IDF has never been better trained, as sophisticated

01.12.2009 | Haaretz
By Haaretz Service

President Shimon Peres on Monday toured the army base at Zeelim and met with Israel Defense Forces reservists from the Paratrooper Brigade who are preparing to join the ground invasion in Gaza.

Peres spoke with the soldiers after surveying a new training compound that simulates battle in residential neighborhoods such as those in Gaza.

“I don’t think we have ever had an army better trained, organized and sophisticated than you,” said Peres. “In 16 days, the IDF has done what no other state has done in 16 years?. There is a feeling that we have someone to depend on and that Israel’s deterrence power has returned, and I have come here on behalf of the nation to express deep gratitude for your accomplishments so far and to wish you luck during fighting.”

Peres then held a frank discussion with the soldiers, who asked him questions about decision-making in the political ranks, the Iran nuclear issue, the Second Lebanon War and the fighting in Gaza.

Peres stressed that the results of the war are determined by the impression they leave.

“Unfortunately, the Arabs succeed in describing every defeat as a victory, and our talk turns every victory into defeat,” he said. “This time, the IDF is achieving real and amazing results in terms of the caution taken and the activity in Gaza. We must ensure that this is the true impression that remains.”