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February 23, 2014

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Feb 23, 2014
A creature named Sarah Carr recently posted personal correspondence of mine without permission ( However, she then decided against posting the subsequent correspondence, although I did give her permission.  I have decided to round out the picture myself:

Be advised that a foul-mouthed sow apparently broke into my email account and posted my personal email to you.

The irony is, this self-described “cunt” (excuse my language; unlike her, truly I wasn’t raised in a sewer) brought home my point: the web is filled with losers who post every (empty) thought that passes through their heads.   
Imagine, she’s so desperate for attention that she parsed an eight-sentence personal email in an exegesis exceeding in length (and tediousness) the U.S. Constitution.
You might wonder how I knew it couldn’t possibly be you who posted the letter.
The dead giveaway was when she construed my affection for books as proof positive that I must be a “bore.”
Whereas you don’t strike me as the brightest light on the circuit, still, you couldn’t possibly be such a vulgarian, could you?
Late last night, as I tossed and turned in bed, the terrifying thought seized hold of my being that you and the foul-mouthed sow might be one and the same person.  If this speculation of mine hits home — and truly I pray (inshallah) it’s off the mark; what a tragedy to be raised in a garbage can down under in a sewer! — you are of course free to post my last email, just as you posted the one preceding it.  Imagine, you could now parse a second email of mine, and get even more attention! attention! attention! by passing off your expletive-filled bovine cogitations as coherent ideas.

Carr markets herself as one of those chic Egyptian secular leftists who earn their keep making Revolution on the Internet. The quality of her insight can be discerned from the very first paragraphs of her reply to something I wrote as the military coup was unfolding in mid-July 2013:
He (Finkelstein) is also adamant (…) that Heba (Morayef of Human Rights Watch) and I will be locked up in a jail cell with the M(uslim) B(rotherhood) in a year’s time (…). 
It is difficult to tell from Norman’s confusing blog when this post was written but it was posted on his Facebook page in December 2013, so that gives Heba and me 10 months to get our white tracksuits ready.
She mocks, indeed, finds utterly absurd, the notion that Egyptian leftists might be jailed by the military.   Bear in mind that she wrote this not at the time of the coup (when I predicted it) but yesterday.  
It behooves me to credit Carr on one point.  The military probably won’t arrest her.  Why torture someone who is already brain dead?