From Czech comrade who lived in Lebanon in 1982

August 11, 2006

In News

Hezbollah are real heros. This is my personal view of the situation.
Here we have to take care when we speak about the aggressors – if we say the Jews are the aggressors we are Anti-Semites. If we say the Israelis
are the aggressor – then we are the Anti-Semites as well. Most people here
have nothing against Mr. Kohn or Mr.Finkelstein, but they have a lot
against Mr. Israel. What can we do, what to choose? To be shot or hanged? And the
corrupt politicians play the same game as ever. Nice salary and

I can tell you one thing: if I would be 25 today-or 15-and Lebanese-if
one American smart bomb would kill my grandma, I would be a hezbollah
member immediately. When I was in Beirut we were always contemplating about
the situation to be killed by a bullet made in Czech Republic. And there
were many flying-many of made in Czechoslovakia.

We have to take care if we want to blame somebody-the Jews are intact,
the Israelis maybe. But only a little. The main reason are Hezbollah and
the bloodthirsty Arabushim. So let´s kill all of them, destroy them, wipe
them out. When we finish this beautiful aim we will find that there is a
new Hezbollah coming out of the ashes. In this time will Mr. Bush be
riding on his horses in Texas and preaching some stupid religious blabla but his
followers will do the same – trying to keep the US on the top of the

No chance. The times they are a changin’.

The open bill to be paid is to be paid by the US. The brave generals
of the Israeli air-force are the greatest cowards in the history-and their
pawns-the pilots-are the same war criminals as the Luftwaffe of Hitler

They are war criminals and I wonder if they can sleep. I would like to
meet some kind of this bastdards openly-face to face-in order to smash him
down, this bloody idiot. And I would do it with pleasure to wipe out such an
Jewish idiot. Is there any difference between such an Jewish idiot and
a German Nazi idiot? I do not see the difference, please let me know if
you have found out. In my life I don´ t see the difference. I only know
that there are payments…. see your book. Who paid even one lazy dollar to
the millions of Russians, Poles, Belarussians etc.- really X millions?
These are the people who broke the spinal chord of Nazis, these are the people-unknown, living in another kind of dictature- who really killed Nazism- who paid them even one dollar to
live a little bit better? Nobody, even the beautiful Americans who love the
freedom and liberty (mostly brought by the silver wings bombers) did
nothing. Why? Should we-and today the Lebanese people- trust America-
the only superpower? I don´t speak about the Lebanese elites- the wealthy
corrupt group- I speak about the normal people who are on the run. Did
you have ever the need to go to the toilet under the Israeli bombing? I
did. It was an adventure that time. It is the same today. I saw people
bleeding few meters away from me where I did not have the chance to help them. And
today, more than 20 years after the show of 82, the circus is coming

Caused by the Israelis, who suffer so much by the imperialism of
Lebanon. As it seems, the Lebanese wanted to annect northern part of Israel to Lebanon. Poor
Israel, they really should be afraid, within few weeks will Lebanon annect

My opinion is – of course my opinion means nothing but only a personal
message- Israelis wake up! Jews in Israel – wake up! Stop living in
the ghetto! Don´t build the “berlin wall”. Don´t steal the Palestinian

Nobody can destroy your land, nobody. Even when your bloody
patron-i.e. US- will change its position- the world will not let you down, incl. the
Arabs today. You have got 78% of the Arab land. Let them to have their state
on 22%! Do not steal anymore. What do you expect from them when you
continue to steal? Please don´t mix up Anti- Semitism with your robbery of
their land! You are funny in such case, better than Adolf. PLEASE WAKE UP!!!
Anyway-for this what you are doing in Lebanon today, you are going to

Maybe tomorrow, maybe in 100 years. But you will pay,.please take it
into your consideration of war. And: don´t believe your generals. Hezbollah
will never lose – their case is right. You have to speak to them, not to
bomb them. What a sensation would be when a few Jewish fighters would be so
succesfull as Hezbollah is today.

In the comparison of Jewish claims from theWW2- do you think Israel
should pay to Lebanon like the Germans paid to the Jews?

I don´t hear the answer.