From a correspondent — How does one reply?

June 22, 2010

In Letters To Finkelstein

Hello Mr Finkelstein

I would like to begin by stating that i truly appreciate you as a person and your work.
You are a true inspiration for all people all over the world who stick up for their rights or for the rights of others , that don’t have the possibility to speak for themselves or their words are demonized because of hidden interests.

In the context of the recent events involving the israelian army activity online has intensified from both parts. Only that from one part , those in defense of Palestine ,it comes natural from people’s principles and honest system of beliefs while from the other part is well organized and it reminds me of the meetings of the communists , with big and well synchronized parades , where all people are wearing the same color , i am saying this because i live in an ex communist country somewhere in south east europe

Arguments invoked are always the same when they ran out facts to present , facts that can be quickly debunked by even the ones that are not experts in this matter. They always appeal to words like ” anti-semitism” , “holocaust” or “jew hater”. Words that you’ve heard many times for sure as this is their standard procedure

I was saying that both the online and offline activity regarding the Israel – Palestine issue has intensified and you represent a real role-model , a real inspiration for everyone trying to stand up for what he truly believes

People like you should be idols and not cartoon characters produced by the brainwashing hollywood industry

You said yourself “Don’t put me on a pedestal or you’ll be disappointed” but the truth is that somewhere in the history you will be considered a hero and i’m saying this with a firm belief.
You surely are aware of the words of Theodor Hertzl , who presided the first zionist meeting :“It is essential that the sufferings of Jews….become worse….this will assist in realization of our plans….I have an excellent idea….I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth….The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends.”

Decades later the holocaust happened..and it exactly fits the description of those word of Hertzl…just like a plan that was going forward without any kind of flaws

One can’t help think about it and draw conclusions based on this and other information put together. Like the banks involvement in the war , like the role played by probably the most powerful jewish banking family in the Napoleonic war, that lead to taking over the power ( from all points of view : political ,morale , if i can use that term when relating to power, and financial) in England by that banking family, the same England that later controlled Palestine. Even if about 100 years passed between those events in all that time the circle of power in England remained the same as after the Napoleonic wars

Just like the words of Hertzl the jews were demonized by the “chiefs” zionists in order to take advantage of what was to happen next. The idea wasn’t new, it didn’t belonged to Hertzl , but most probably he borrowed it from someone who thought of it a couple of decades ago.
As all over Europe there was a campaign in newspapers of that time , in which the jews were demonized or dehumanized .
Campaigns that had as most prolific writers people with close ties to that banking family that took the reign of England after the napoleonic war.

I’ll give you an example from my own country, Romania. back in 1867 i believe there were a couple of articles that appeared in a french newspaper , written by a romanian , Eugeniu Carada , who studied in Paris , the article was called : ” The jews, vagrancy and the minister Bratianu” , as you can figure it out it was a defaiming article towards jews. One may say , so what, there were a lot of jews in Romania at that time and some romanians were anti semites. This may be true but the writer of the article , Eugeniu Carada was the one who pushed over the years , from 1870 to 1880 the setting up of the setting up of the central romanian bank. There are many records of him making often visits to London and Vienna , cities were the Rothschilds family have the biggest influence.
The national Romanian Bank that took an huge loan only after 10 years of its existence from the Rothschilds. So Carada had no personal opinions , he only put in application a plan of others.

It is well known that the Rothschilds made huge pressures in that period in many countries across the globe for setting up central banks. An entire system of central banks that they controlled, this meant invincibility …
Also Carada used to write for other newspapers in France , newspapers that represented the interests of one banking family , the Rothschilds. “La semaine finaciere”, another newspaper for which Carada wrote often, was most probably founded with this purpose alone, as that banking family in Paris needed more an more influence in order to expand , and in that period they were targeting the rail roads.

The idea of making demonizing jews and using anti semitism existed long before Hertzl and it was most probably thought of by the Rothschilds

Average zionists just like average people all over the world were used as weapons against the jews , and sadly , it worked , before the war , after the war , and even in our days is still working.

The zionist teenager that uploads videos on youtube on how he is proud of being a zionist ( the kind of people similar to that girl that burst into tears at one of your speeches as how she is really suffering only by hearing the word holocaust) , that makes radical comments on every forum sustaining “the cause” , that invokes “hate of jews” is just a tool in their hand, a tool that in his heart believes that is doing the right thing , finding for the state that they finally have . Opening their eyes is the hardest thing to do , if not impossible , but if will ever be achieved only then the conflict between Israel and Palestine will cease. Starting at the top is useless , the bottom is what holds everything together

I said at the beginning as how somewhere in the timeline of our history you will be looked on as a hero , bu if things in our world won’t change and will continue to evolve like hey are doing now , you will be seen as a hero because mr Alan Dershowitz and others like him wants so…

I must admit , since i’m not from US , i’ve never heard of Dershowitz until reading Finkelstein . Harvard or no Harvard the educational system is more and more corrupt everywhere in the world , the teachings got are what some want it to be , a school only for the elites will never be respected , teachers of only the elites will never get any respect and the offsprings of powerful people , in their vast majority , wouldn’t be able to make a living if born in an average family but with the same mind and judgement they have at the moment

I said you will be a hero if those like Dershowitz wants so because i see a very big possibility of what happened in the 2nd world war to happen again.
More and more things fit the puzzle again after so many decades. There are again tries of demonizing and dehumanizing the jews under different hidden methods . And it looks like no matter the protests from all over the world Israel continues to play God with Palestine .
Those who are defending these kind of actions are either doing it on purpose or are either having an intelligence coefficient way under the common sense limit. I’m saying this because it appears that their arguments are meant to cause more irritation and more disagreement in the west. Just like in the years of the world war two

If there’s another plan like that of Hertzl in existance there’s a big probability a new war and maybe even a new holocaust . maybe they are trying to place Israel somewhere else on the map this time. Only God knows

I only wish that there was someone like you to speak out on the issue of the International Monetary Fund , how it was created , the circumstances , the legality , their involvment in the entire world , the consequences , someone like you to be able to speak up against them like you did against Dershowitz , someone to keep calm even when he’s angry , someone ready to sacrifice his career for the this purpose.

It is very sad what happened to your academic career , but this shows the entire world once again that they have the power and thus the true meaning of mass manipulation

It was really funny to see the reactions of Dershowitz , the way he gestured , the way his eye twitched . If bet my life that if you were to ask him something and he would be connected to a lie detector , the machine would go in flames for all that duplicity of his.
But you know who are said to be masters of duplicity , the girls staying home with their children at day and working nights on the streets … The same basic behavior characterizes Dershowitz

I will take the liberty of giving you an advice, although i am not really in te position of doing that , but i do that only because it may be of help to you in these harsh times and in at time you are attacked from many sides.

You ma consider an interface for your website under which you will be able to give live speeches online. I know for sure that there are many people worldwide that would love to hear you talk and interact live with you. People all over the world are respecting you , your beliefs, your work. you gave lots of speeches but for example a simple 60 years old from France or Spain or Canada can’t attend your speech as he has to ravel a lot to reach London or US.

I am sort of an online freelancer and i am giving you this advice from this perspective. It may be a worthy to take in consideration way of making an income.

You can have speeches once every two weeks , with registration for the speech closing before the day of the speech. With a registration fee of your choice , with interacting to those who attend by answering their questions , with commercial on your website about when the following speech will be so people will have time to register , you can also give a possible 5 themes ( or a number of your choice) on what the speech should be about and let those who register to chose the theme by voting like in polls.
You can work the details with with someone with knowledge in this field , you’ll need a system of accepting online payments and also an interface through which you can communicate with those who will attend your online speech

i just can help giving advices. I wish to be wrong on this one but i don’t think your health is in the best condition. You said yourself you are a sedentary person and all who watched “The trials of Norman Finkelstein” could see you eating mostly fast food. Sedentarims and fats food is a lethal combination whose effects can not be reversed. A soup once in a while will do miracles ( i am not a fan of soup but i eat it ) or a meal cooked on your own will give you tremendous satisfaction , just like a walk in your favorite park full of green can clear your mind and charge your batteries , not to mention that will help you get some exercise for half an hour a day

Being a freelancer i used to have the same life style you mentioned ( sedentarism , computers , fast food) until i realized how much i am harming myself and i did what i mentioned above and both the body and the mind feel better, even if i am about half your age.

It will always help you in not putting to heart the personal attacks on you

Best of luck mr Finkelstein and remember you are a true inspiration for people worldwide !