August 4, 2014

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Dear Dr. Finkelstein,
I saw you recently in Baltimore. I’ve been following you for years. I actually wrote you a few years ago and suggested you work in the Middle East at one of that region’s universities (American University of Beirut or American University of Cairo for example). I used to live in Dubai and Bahrain and enjoyed it to some extent. You did not follow my advice! But your staying here is probably best as an influence on American popular opinion.
I’m writing to you because I disagree with your latest prediction. Actually I agree with the first two points of the prediction. I don’t believe there will be a peace agreement. A peace agreement would mean Netanyahu is a forward thinking politician. He’s not. I believe once Hamas has been eliminated as an opponent (if you can call them that since they are so weak already), he will continue to turn the West Bank into more Gaza Strips. The goal is to take land and in the long term put all Palestinian in ghetto like reservations. Eventually, if the international community gets involved in some other big event and doesn’t pay attention, the Israelis will then commit either entire population removal or genocide. There’s simply no incentive for Netanyahu to make peace when he can grab more land and resources from the Palestinians unopposed. He is choosing the Michael Corleone move of hitting your enemies when you “have the muscle”.
I’m interested in hearing your thoughts. I think the size of the crowd at Baltimore shows us that the left wing of the country, and young people no longer support Israel. Within a couple of decades your message will be the popular one and the US will have popular support for sanctions. And that will be the end (my prediction).