December 19, 2011

In Letters To Finkelstein

Hello Norman,

I have a deep respect for your integrity. I just heard your speech at Boston University you have posted on your website and it was such a relief to hear. I want to stand with you at the rendezvous of victory. I can see tens or hundreds of hateful things online, but one act of kindness is all it takes for me to renew my hope. 

I think that this reconciliatory message is what is desperately needed to bridge the gap between people like me that are Jewish and have family in Israel, with others that only see it’s injustices.

I believe a fair 2 state solution is the way forward; it is something every fair and pragmatic person can get behind. It is so much more productive that boycotting or apartheid rhetoric. Not to say that there is no basis for these, but I don’t think these bring people together. Now, if we were to say that we are boycotting for a fair two state solution, that would be a different matter.  

I feel that we need to pave the way so people that support Israel can see that this is the only way forward. I feel that if they don’t feel attacked for wanting Israel to exist, they will come around. Now I know that maybe these people shouldn’t be coddled. But for the purposes of getting them to accept a fair two state solution, I want to find a way to reach out to them. I feel that they will need to feel that Israel will be secure, yes maybe they are being paranoid, but it is an on-the-ground reality that they feel threatened and scared that once they stop the occupation things will get worse.

How do we make this movement about a just peace and not against all things Israel?

I pose these questions, because I want to reach as many people as possible and for everyone to finally make it to the rendezvous of victory. 

You have reached out to me and I am here to help,