FERMEZ LA BOUCHE! A Word of Counsel to Jens Stoltenberg

June 7, 2023

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Jens Stoltenberg is Secretary General of NATO.   He is Norwegian.  He has been given to delivering haughty ultimatums to Russia.  Yesterday he got off mocking Russia’s fighting capacities:


What they lack in quality — they have bad morale, bad equipment, bad training, bad leadership, bad logistics — they compensate in quantity, and quantity has a quality in itself as the generals keep on telling us.


The Russian Red Army defeated the Nazis.  The battle of Stalingrad, the siege of Leningrad—the heroic resistance of the Russian people during World War II has been immortalized in history’s annals.  What did Norway memorialize?  My Oxford English Dictionary thus defines quisling:


n. a traitor collaborating with an occupying enemy force. 


-ORIGIN  Second World War: from the name of Major Vidkun Quisling, who ruled Norway on behalf of the German occupying forces.


I should think that, in light of Norway’s legacy and juxtaposed next to Russia’s, Stoltenberg really ought to shut up.