March 9, 2013

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Finkelstein comments:  During the Nov 2012 Israeli assault on Gaza, every expert acclaimed the performance of Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile defense.  The only skepticism was expressed on this web site, under the heading IRON DOME OR SWISS CHEESE? I noted that right after the First Gulf War the same claims were made about the Patriot missile, later shown to be false.   Even people who otherwise respected my judgment thought that this time I had gone too far.  Now, see this article.


How many rockets has Iron Dome really intercepted?

While IDF figures put the Iron Dome missile defense system’s success rate at 84 percent, three scientists claim the real figure could be much lower than that.

Haaretz By | 14:08 09.03.13

“Iron Dome’s intercept rate, defined as destruction of the rocket’s warhead, was relatively low, perhaps as low as 5%, but could well be lower.”

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