Dr. Rudolph Baldeo Reflects on COVID-19

December 20, 2020

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My good friend, Dr. Rudolph Baldeo, who has worked in the Emergency Room from Day One of the Pandemic

What are your most memorable and proudest moments as a front-line physician?

Two huge refrigerated trucks outside the hospital on the sidewalk where deceased Covid victims were kept. Treating patients from one month to 87 years in a true emergency setting with limited resources and having no definite, concrete remedy.

What do you think the government did wrong and what did it do right?

Not locking down earlier and telling people initially that there was no need to wear masks, just wash hands, cough in the elbow, and get the flu vaccine; still receiving international flights on a daily basis and not screening or quarantining foreigners. Closing schools and indoor gatherings was the right thing the Government did.


You are over 50 years old and have three children.  Did you ever worry about contracting the virus?

Yes, all the time, but I have been wearing an N95 mask since day one even though it was forbidden to wear N95 at work.

Do you believe the vaccine is safe?  Do you believe it will be successful?

I believe that we have to take drastic measures in these trying times. The vaccine is worth the shot for the good of humanity. I believe that it is overall safe based on theory and there is a high chance that it will be successful. If this vaccine works it will be a major breakthrough in science. But I’m also sure that there will be some drawbacks. And I am 100% sure Big Pharma and their buddies will benefit a lot.