Does Kershner Even Read Israeli Hasbara (Propaganda) before Publishing It in the Times?

May 31, 2018

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Finkelstein comments:

If Isabel Kershner weren’t married to premier Israeli propagandist Hirsch Goodman, she’d be covering mah jong tournaments in the Catskills.  The only question posed by her articles is, Does Kershner even read Israeli hasbara before posting it under her byline?  After Israel launched an air assault on Gaza, she wrote:

“The Israeli military said it was a response to an explosive being planted the night before along the security fence dividing Gaza from Israel. The bomb, hidden in a pair of wire cutters, exploded as sappers neutralized it remotely.” (“Gaza Militants Barrage Israel With Mortars and Rockets,” 29 May 2018)

Here’s a picture of wire cutters:

Pray tell, dear Isabel, was it a one-ton or two-ton bomb?