Dispatches from Former Student Living in Cairo

July 26, 2013

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Dear Norman,

I am watching the coverage on TV. Egyptian satellite channels are
running wall-to-wall coverage that vilifies the Brotherhood, all
professional ethics out the window. That is what happens in times of
crisis. They join the ultranationalist prep rally so their loyalty
credentials are not questioned: If you are not with Sisi, you must be
with the terrorists. Live images are being shown, but save Tahrir
(Sisi) and Rabea al-Adawiya Square (MB, shown only a few seconds at a
time), crowds are fairly small elsewhere. Clashes between pro- and
anti-Morsi took place the densely populated working class neighborhood
of Shubra and in downtown Alexandria by the Qa’id Ibrahim Mosque.
Crowds will grow after sunset. I am leaving in a while to have iftar
with my grandmother. Not interested in being part of the
army-choreographed soap opera. I’ll watch what is going on via

The real danger is what the army does next.