Demonstrations in Brasil, Argentina, Greece, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, UK, US, Russia, Israel, Lebanon

July 20, 2006

In News

from Relief Center – Sanayeh, Beirut, Lebanon:

“We’re continuing to hear about more solidarity actions. Besides the events already mentioned in earlier posts, we’ve heard about protests wich have already happened in Nicosia, Genoa, and several cities in the US.”

Some protests that took place:

  • Sao Paulo, Brazil, July 21st 3 pm in the Praca da Se
  • Bern, Switzerland, July 21st – 3 pm at the Bundesplatz
  • Canada, July 22nd – rallies in many cities including Montreal, Ottowa, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and others. Many cities are also having actions in the preceding days. Montreal, July 16th.
  • Marseilles, July 22nd and 24th, 6:30 pm at the Vieux Port. another demonstration on July 29th.
  • Athens, July 25th
  • Buenos Aires, July 25th – 4 pm, march to the Israeli Embassy
  • London, July 16th, 19th
  • San Francisco, July 16th; Washington, DC, July 18th; Boston, July 19th; New York City, July 19th, July 22nd
  • Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Valencia & more, July 20th
  • Tel Aviv, July 22nd
  • Moscow, July 28 in front of Israeli embassy
  • Beirut, July 29th, July 30th

Also, a reminder of one important event we’ve mentioned before:

* Wahington DC, AUGUST 12, 2006, at the White House

Thanks to everyone who is organizing these events and to everyone who is sending us reports about these events.

Reports about demonstrations:


Photo: Protesters Rally in London in Outrage over Qana and continued Israeli Crimes
Mary Nazzal-Batay, July 30, 206


Photos: Beirut in solidarity with besieged Gazans, Juyl 13, 2006


Teens in Moscow protest in front of the Israeli embassy on 7.28.2006


  • 1 arrested, held at OVD “Yakimanka”
  • embassy guard waves gun at protesters
  • photos of Lebanese & Israeli dead laid in front of embassy
  • red paint is spilled on embassy grounds
  • anti-war leaflets thrown at embassy as folded paper airplanes
  • banners reading “stop this war” & “peace to the nations, war on the authorities”


Photos: Chicago protests Israel’s attacks on Lebanon and the Palestinians, Juyl 23, 2006


Photos: Greece swings into action against Israel’s assault on Gaza and Lebanon, Juyl 26, 2006

Los Angeles

Photos: LA drops banner against Israel’s war on Lebanon and Gaza, Juyl 25, 2006