Deeds v. Words: Israel is wiping Palestine off the map; Hamas has in the past talked about wiping Israel off the map

January 25, 2009

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Prima Facie Evidence of War Crimes by Israel Broadcast January 19, 2009

01.21.2009 |
By connielane

Channel Four News journalist Johnathan Miller travelled to Gaza where he interviewed civilians sheltering in a UN run school attacked by Israel using white phosphorus munitions.

The attack – described as “Outrageous” by the UN Secretary General – was filmed by a school worker on his mobile phone.

Donatella Rovera, an Amnesty International investigator said “We’ve seen Prima Facie that there have been war crimes”

Stop the War and others have called a protest on Saturday demanding that Israel gets out of Gaza, that the blockade is lifted, that all borders are opened and that there is a complete arms embargo on Israel.

Gaza villages Wiped off the map

01.21.2009 |
By wotdoesitmatter

Another excellent report by Jonathan Miller. Telling the story of destruction and killing in Gaza.