Crazed Vampire Nikki Haley v. Real World

July 30, 2018

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Finkelstein comments:  Her demented cross-eyed gaze confirms speculation that US UN rep Nikki Haley is a crazed vampire.  Still, there’s method in her madness. Haley sees her stint in the UN as a stepping stone to higher office.  The political fortunes of former New York senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan were boosted by denouncing Arab-Third World hordes and defending poor, misunderstood Israel when he was US UN rep.  Haley hopes to win the support of Jewish moneybags in the Republican party by bravely rising to Israel’s defense and breathing fire on Hamas. Just as the photo of Moynihan’s raised hand during the “Zionism is racism” UN debate in 1975 catapulted him into stardom among American Jews, so Haley got her photo-op as she demonstratively walked out of a UN debate (after Israel’s 14 May 2018 massacre in Gaza) just as the Palestinian Authority rep rose to speak.  (The irony passed unnoticed that, for all the mutually recriminatory noise-making, Washington continues to subsidize the PA collaborators/ torturers in Ramallah). Below I juxtapose Haley’s lunatic Security Council resolution on the situation in Gaza–it garnered one vote; her own–against the carefully documented assessment of the situation in Gaza by Oxfam, a respected humanitarian organization.