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What Would Plato Say?


“The current [US 2016] presidential election has posed timeless political questions in stark form. Bernie Sanders said that, although Hillary Clinton might be competent and experienced, those qualities weren’t sufficient to lead a nation. A president also needed good judgment, which she demonstrably lacked.

Donald Trump is accused of being a demagogue who manipulates the base, animal passions of ordinary people. His candidacy calls into question democracy itself, if it can catapult into office a person manifestly unfit to be president. Plato’s Republic explores these questions and many more.” — Norman Finkelstein


Class 1: October 20, 2016

Class 2: October 27, 2016

Class 3: November 3, 2016

Class 4: November 10, 2016

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Class 5: November 17, 2016

Class 6: November 23, 2016

Class 7: December 1, 2016

Class 8: December 8, 2016