But why don't the Palestinians practice non-violence?

November 4, 2006

In News

By Itim

Anti-fence activists on Friday claimed security forces fired live ammunition at them during a protest near the West Bank town of Bil’in, moderately wounding a French activist.

Doctors at a Ramallah hospital who treated the man said his wounds were caused by a live bullet. An IDF spokesperson, however, denied the allegations, claiming security forces at the demonstration made use only of tear gas and rubber-coated bullets.

Activists at the demonstration claim they have video footage of security forces shooting live ammunition.

Two Palestinian youths at the demonstration sustained light wounds from rubber-coated bullets fired by security forces.

Some 100 protesters took part in the weekly rally which has become the focus point in anti-fence groups’ efforts to stop the erection of the barrier which they say infringes on the rights of Palestinians.

MK Dov Hanin (Hadash) called on Defense Minister Amir Peretz, to investigate the army’s crowd dispersal techniques and added that “it’s important to act now before a lethal tragedy occurs to the citizens of Bil’in