Bernie's Campaign in Washington Heights

April 18, 2016

In News

Monday April 18:
1. Flyering/Canvassing
2. Street flyering alongside a “Bernie Truck” with speakers and music
Tuesday April 19 (election day) this is the most important, please plan on at least 2-3 hours of volunteering:
1. Flyering around subways
2. Poll Watching
3. Handing out palm cards around polling sites
Monday April 18
1. Flyering/canvassing will start at 12 noon until 9:00 pm
Come to get a list number on your Mini-Van and literature to pass out. This is going to be an important list of people who have shown interest for Bernie and who we will be visiting to make sure to get out their vote. Or just hang out with the table and talk to people.
Meeting spot: Plaza at 175th & Broadway next to the United Palace
2. We WILL do a music caravan for Bernie (thanks to the campaign who has agreed to cover the expenses)
If you have a car you can join the caravan, or you can walk alongside the caravan and hand out flyers and talk to people. 

GATHERING SPOTS (times are approximate)

157 & B’way 4:00 pm (original and main gathering spot, come early if you want your car souped up with Bernie signs)

168 & B’way 4:30

181 & B’way 5:00

181 & St Nick 5:30

190 & St Nick 6:00

181 & St Nick 6:30

170 & Bway 7:00

157 & B’way 7:30

We haven’t asked for a parade permit so keep to the sidewalk; don’t bunch up or obstruct foot traffic.

Other than that, be as big a and happy presence as possible and hand out fliers etc.

Tuesday April 19 (election day):

1. Flyering around subways
We need to be flyering in the morning before people go to work and afternoon on their way home … these are the two busiest traffic times. The google doc below is a sign-up sheet for the various subway stops around the neighborhood, please sign up. We need at least 2-3 people per station:
Subway captains are also being assigned, if you are a captain or want to be, please indicate on the doc

Meet up location:

Georgina Donis Sanchez’s apartment

Address: 703 West 180 st apt 24
phone number: 212-795-0331

2. Poll Watching
Poll watching is especially important to make sure things go smoothly. Ideally you’d be there as much of the day as possible especially in the6-9 pm period as the polls close and the tallies are tabulated and sent to the Election Board.
If you are interested in being a poll-watcher you need to put your paper work through. Please email me directly and I’ll set you up.
3. Handing out palm cards around polling sites.
The NYS ballots are very confusing. We are making palm cards that shows people how to vote for Bernie (ie., which delegates to vote for) and also information on where to report problems and irregularities. These will be handed out close to the pollling stations. Again, the best times are before work or after work hours.

Meet up location:

Georgina Donis Sanchez’s apartment

Address: 703 West 180 st apt 24

If you have any questions call or text Cesar Andrade at 646-406-2454 or Kouross 917.968.9791 any time.