Bari Weiss Signs 7-figure Book Deal That Will Showcase Her Mental Endowments: HOW TO BOIL LUKEWARM WATER AND MAKE A WILD CHICKEN SOUP

July 16, 2020

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Pre-Publication notices by signatories of the Harper’s Letter are raving:


“If only I’d read this book before I supported the war in Iraq!”-Paul Berman


“If Stalin had read this book, there wouldn’t have been a Gulag!”-Anne Applebaum 


“Even better than my own book, DULL AS DISHWATER.”- David Brooks


“More provocative than my name!”-Dexter Filkins


“A fresh 21st Century answer to THE END OF HISTORY.”-Francis Fukuyama


“It’s breathtaking how Bari’s blossomed since she came in second in the Catskills Junior Yenta Competition”-Katha Politt (I came in first)


“Katha says this book is even better than our sex life.  Who am I to disagree?”-Steven Lukes


“More fun than killing sand-niggers in Iraq!”-Anne-Marie Slaughter


“As one Jewish Cancel-Queen to Another, you sure know how to brew up a storm!”-Judith Schulevitz


“This book is a wonderful tribute to what it means to be a Jew in America today.”-Michael Walzer


“I already sent off a copy to my pal Bill Clinton, and he can’t wait to … meet the author.”-Sean Wilentz


“If only Albert Shanker had lived to see the glorious day of this book’s publication!”-Randi Weingarten


“If Bari keeps it up, she’ll soon be sharing my Token-Minority office at Harvard Law!”-Randall Kennedy


“More fun than trimming the locks of my own self-promoting, navel-contemplating, grandstanding husband Steven Pinker.”-Rebecca Goldstein 


“It brought tears to my eyes as I couldn’t help but recall my own airhead youth.”-Letty Cotton Pogrebin


“I immediately sent off a copy to Alan who then sent off a copy to Ghislaine.”-Steve Pinker


“I wish every member of SDS had read this book when I was President of SDS in 1962.”-Todd Gitlin


“The perfect companion to my own bestseller, HOW TO BE A PROMINENT FEMINIST WHEN YOU’VE GOT NOTHING TO SHOW EXCEPT YOUR BANGS.”-Michele Goldberg


“I placed it on my coffee table right next to THE IDIOT’S GUIDE TO THE MIDDLE EAST.”-Cary Nelson