April Tour – Day 2

April 14, 2010

In News

Off to a typically awful start. I went to the wrong airport. My plane was flying out of LaGuardia but I went to JFK. I cannot count how many times I’ve done this. So, I had to hop in another cab and wind in and out of traffic to get to JFK on time. Luckily, I had a very skillful cabbie and made it. At Beloit College I was picked up by the father of an ISM activist. The father was justifiably proud of his son and told me that he’s visited his son in the Occupied Palestinian Territories several times and learned a lot. It made me hopeful that more and more people are, through various byways, learning the truth. The son was very intense; he reminded me of the SNCC activists during the Civil Rights Movement. The event itself went quite well: about 350 people turned out at this very small school. Many people said that that it was the biggest event in years. As always, I spoke in a very calm, even tone, hoping to win over as many people as possible; not trying to make the facts — Israeli atrocities — more palatable but always trying to show that there is a way out. I got a standing ovation from about 3/4 of the audience, and had a useful dialogue with the dissenters. Tomorrow, it’s Wisconsin with Lowkey and Jody.