May 29, 2017

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Hassan Nasrallah on Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia

Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on May 25, 2017, on the occasion of the seventeenth anniversary of the Liberation of Southern Lebanon

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Let’s evoke the summit (of Riyadh). First, it was said that it was a triple [American-Arab-Muslim] summit, when in fact there was only one summit, Saudi Arabia and the United States, that is, between President Trump and King Salman, and the accompanying delegations.

The summit between the United States and the Gulf countries was nothing but a meeting of courtesy, a presentation, a ceremony. The (alleged) US-Arab-Islamic summit, bringing together 55 or 56 countries, was but a standing ovation to President Trump, and it was not a summit or conference. There were no preparatory committees, no material distributed to participants, no preliminary meeting of foreign ministries or ministries of defense…, neither draft declaration, nor debate, nor negotiations, nor exchanges, nor nothing all.

They brought together the Presidents of all the places of the [world]… most of the Arab and Islamic countries, then the King Salman gave a speech, President Trump gave a speech and then two or three words and that’s it, it was over. Even the rest of the statements were not made, because the King was then tired – at least that is what they have said in the media. And it was over. And everyone went home. This is the true description (of what happened). Everyone has returned to their country. There are even some delegations who have complained that no one took care to accompany them at the airport, “No one has taken leave of us.” And they were then all surprised to hear of what was called the Riyadh Declaration.

Here is the Riyadh Declaration (in my hands). This is only a US-Saudi statement. Of the 55 Arab countries, most were unaware of the existence of the Declaration and its content. And in itself, this is a scandal. Look, for example, on the text in the Declaration, it says that “The leaders present debated…”, “The leaders have confirmed…”, “The leaders stressed…”, “The leaders welcomed…”, “The leaders decided…”, etc. Whereas in reality the leaders have not debated, nor welcomed, nor underlined, they knew nothing, they did not hear anything, and there were even those who were sleeping…

Well afterwards, they became aware of the Declaration through the media. They learned about the statement through the media. The Riyadh Declaration is an American-Saudi Declaration, period. And of course, this is an outrage, and demonstrates a position of weakness, and of the farce that these (pseudo) summits and conferences constitute. Things do not happen like that anywhere in the world. And anyway, it has precedents in Saudi Arabia. Such a thing already happened before a year or two, in front of the resistance of Yemen and the Yemeni people, the Saudi Foreign Minister went out to raise the morals of his supporters and announced an Islamic Military Alliance of some 30 countries. And some countries have had the courage to say “Wallah, we are not aware, nobody told us or asked, we heard that in the media.” Imagine, then, a world Islamic military alliance is being formed (supposedly) with some countries some of which are not even aware of it! And they are informed by the media. It is not new for Saudi Arabia and (it is in accordance with) its (usual) processes. Therefore, the true summit is the bipartite summit (United States / Saudi Arabia).
So much for the background. What needs to be looked at closely, critically and debated is the bipartite agreement and what has been offered to the United States, what the United States has pledged in return and the consequences of this on the region, this is what is really serious. Everything else is speeches, words, stances, dinner, ceremonies, supper, fashion show, everything you want.
Secondly, the so-called summit, which has been called a summit and for which were brought together a great number of countries, leaders and Presidents, we must ask ourselves: “Oh brother, what did happen?” We must first describe it. Why? What Saudi Arabia has organized, what is it and what is its motive?

What was organized, the objectives of this mass meeting, are first to magnify and honor Trump. What happened was an operation of glorification of Trump, it was to honor him and to incense him, with scenes that deserve to be dwelt on but that I do not want to develop now (luxury, indecency,…).

The second objective is to underline the essential role of Saudi Arabia in the Gulf and in the Arab-Islamic world. They wanted to say to the United States: “We are the heart of the Arab-Islamic world and the Gulf. It is we who bring together all the people, who bring them in, who summon them, who put them in line so that they may listen to your speech.”

So much for the moral and political aspect, with a result that I will soon get to.

The third objective is to intimidate Iran and the Resistance Axis, by saying: “Watch out, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah and Hamas” (because they have designated us by name, Hezbollah and Hamas), “O Resistance movements”, as well as the Iraqi people, Yemen, everyone, “take heed and watch out, for the United States is coming, and the whole world mass of Arab, Islamic countries and the Gulf are preparing to make war on you.” It’s intimidation. Of course, this has absolutely no weight, I will come back to it.

The fourth objective is to try to push the United States and convince them, by all means, to participate directly in the war. To bring them directly into the conflict, facing Iran and the Resistance Axis. Saudi Arabia, when it organized this whole festival, had as its main objective this one. That’s it.

Then those who had the floor made their speeches, and the Declaration was published.

The question that needs to be asked now is why the Saudis did this, and with that particular Président. Why? Let’s start with the first goal.

Why are these honors, incensing and glorification of President Trump, which has the following characteristics: the President, who for one year during the election campaign most insulted Islam as a religion, who insulted Muslims as supporters of a religion and as a Community, and who is the President who has insulted the Arabs most as a people, and who insulted Saudi Arabia and insulted the Gulf countries. Is not it the President who said that Saudi Arabia is a milking cow that must be milked to the last drop before it is disposed of? This is the most racist President. It was the first President who, when he entered the White House, signed a decree banning Muslims and nationals from 8 Arab and Islamic countries from entering the United States. It is the President most attached to Israel, the greatest supporter and ally of Israel. And it is a President who, apart from that, has done nothing yet.

(Normally), we honor someone, we cover him with gifts and we satisfy his wishes because he has achieved something positive. (If for example) he defended you, if he defended your holy places, if he did things for the Palestinian people. (But) what is Trump’s accomplishment for offering all these rewards? And it is a President sitting on a trembling chair, we do not know when it will fall. What a mess, all this money, if Trump were to be deposed! What logic, what rationality, what understanding are there at work? We are really stunned by the (extravagant) Saudi reception, the follies of the reception ceremony, the tremendous expenses (for arms sales agreements), politics and ovations.
On the Internet, someone has asked a sagacious question to Saudi leaders. He asked them: “Is honoring the Prophet and celebrating his birthday prohibited and innovative, while honoring Trump and celebrating his coming and dancing is permitted and is a way to get closer to God the Most High ?” Let us leave that aside, it is a religious dispute between us (the question of the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday). But from a political point of view, my brother, where is logic?

And this President was offered what no other American President had ever received. The question always comes back, why, why, why? I will talk about it in my fourth point. Why did Saudi Arabia do that?

I hope that [everyone understands that] I am speaking only of facts, I do not use any vehement or satirical language or anything else. I just want to describe things (as they are). And the one who says to me: “O Sayed, what you say is not true”, no problem, (let him show his arguments).

First, it is to protect themselves. For the Saudi regime to protect itself in Saudi Arabia. To protect itself from the world. Why? Because today in the world, even in the United States, Europe and the whole world, it is no longer a secret that behind the takfiris groups and the takfiri ideology, lies the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The whole world is now aware of it. And Trump himself knows it, he had talked about it during the election campaign. The press and the American, Western and international media (have spoken of it), everyone knows. What does ISIS teach in its schools? The books of Sheikh Muhammad b. Abd-al-Wahhab, the Wahhabi books. What is Al-Qaeda’s ideology? Wahhabism. Who created it? Saudi Arabia.

And that is why the whole world today considers the Saudi regime as the heart of takfiri thought and the essential support of the takfiri organizations in the world whose oppression and knives not only strike the Lebanese, the Syrians, Iraqis, Yemenis, Egyptians, Afghans and Pakistanis, but have reached Belgium, France, Great Britain, Germany, the United States and all over the world. And now Indonesia, Somalia… and they still have a long way to go. Saudi Arabia feels that the whole world looks at her angrily. That is why it needs to pay a bribe to the American master to defend it, so that it protects it, so that it presents it as a center of combat of the terrorism that leads the war against Terrorism, and to lift the accusation against it. But it will be to no avail.

Do you see how in this summit all Saudi Arabia’s care and concern was to say what? A sentence pronounced by King Salman: that Iran is the source of terrorism, the heart of international terrorism since the victory of the Khomeini Revolution, according to his words. Since the victory of the Revolution of the glorious Imam Khomeini. These grotesque remarks were pronounced by the King Salman. Iran is the heart of global terrorism? Is it Iran that created Al-Qaeda? Is it Iran that created ISIS? Is it Iran that created the Taliban? Is it Iran that created these Wahhabi movements and armies? Is it Iran that financed them and armed them?

Yes, Iran supported the movement of the Resistance in Lebanon, it is true. Iran has supported the movement of the Resistance in Palestine, it is true. Iran stood by the Iraqi people when ISIS nearly entered Najaf, Karbala and Baghdad. Iran stood with the Syrian people while Saudi Arabia was sending arms and money to these (terrorist) groups in Syria.
Iran is accused of sectarian incitement? Who therefore accuses the Shiites of being disbelievers? Who accuses other Muslims of disbelief? Iran or the Saudi Wahhabi ideology, the Council of the great Saudi scholars and their centers of religious education in Syria? The whole history of Saudi Arabia consists of accusations of disbelief against Muslims. And the whole history of Iran, from Imam Khomeini, has been the bringing together of schools (of Islamic faith), unity among Muslims, rapprochement, dialogue, coexistence, mutual support based on piety and Fear of God.

Launching the accusation against Iran will not benefit Saudi Arabia. A popular phrase says “The sun rises and people clear their throats.” The whole world clears its throat, for the sun has risen over all the world, and henceforth the truth cannot be hidden by a discourse here or a conference there.

First, (Saudi Arabia has done all of this) to face this global condemnation. Currently, in the United States, judicial proceedings are being instituted against Saudi princes who are linked to the September 11 attacks organized by Al-Qaeda in the United States. And billions of Saudi dollars in the US will be seized for the benefit of these families.

Secondly… Why did Saudi Arabia do all this with Trump during those two days? Because she also needs the American master to protect her role in the area. She has failed everywhere. All her plans have failed, as have all her wars and all her objectives. In Syria, she has failed so far, as well as in Iraq.

O my brothers, ISIS started in Saudi Arabia, ISIS not only has Saudi ideology, but its money is Saudi, its leaders are Saudi, and the hopes that were placed in ISIS were Saudi. That’s it.

In Yemen, two and a half years of war against a people with the spirit of sacrifice, patient and honorable, and they brought armies of the world (to participate). It is unfortunate that the Sudanese army is involved, as well as other armies. It’s really unfortunate. But for two and a half years, the Yemenis endured and resisted, stronger despite hunger, siege, poverty, and indiscriminate bombardment night and day.

And let us go back to terrorism. Is Iran the basis of terrorism or is it you? This war against Yemen is not terrorism? It is state terrorism. It is state terrorism that has spared no man, no construction, no mosque, no historical vestige, no hospital, no market, no school, no university, no house, no quarter, no field, no farm. And today… now they send some medicine to Yemen… Who is besieging Yemen? Who starves Yemen? Who is responsible for cholera in Yemen? Who massacres the people of Yemen? The Saudi regime. And the whole world is silent. The whole world that keeps silent and dares not speak a word of truth out of fear of Saudi takfir or Saudi media or the cutback of Saudi money – if they give two pennies. And it is a historic ethical and humanitarian crime that commits the world towards what is happening in Yemen.

Thus, Saudi Arabia has failed in all her plans and wars in the region, and these failures have begun to be felt within, on the relations between her princes, her people, her economy. And that is why she needs the Americans to protect it inside Saudi Arabia and preserve her role in the region. So first, to protect themselves. To protect and protect their role.

And second, there is a problem in the Saudi regime and the Saud family, and that is Iran. The praise they gave Iran before Imam Khomeini is incredible. Incredible. The Shah of Iran was an American, an Israeli, a supporter of Israel, and an arrogant and haughty behavior with the kings and princes of the Arabian peninsula and the Gulf countries. Just look at the pictures, you can find them on the Internet, they ate in his hand, and put themselves at his feet. It seems that these people are accustomed to people who mock them, insult and despise them. As for the one who comes to them as a brother, respectful, wanting dialogue, anxious about Islamic relations and the interests of the (Muslim) Community, he is received with this hatred and hostility.
The problem is the question of Iran, yes, and the question of the Resistance Axis. Saudi Arabia has offered Trump everything to wage war against Iran, to isolate Iran, to attack Iran, for the war on the Resistance Axis. That is the reality. And that is why Saudi Arabia was ready to give him everything he wanted. That is what happened. And Trump, what’s important to him? President Trump, in everything that happens in the world, what is it that matters to him? He wants money, and there is Israel. Money and Israel.

Saudi Arabia looked like that and said, “To protect and preserve my role, and to lead the United States to fight Iran and the Resistance Axis, after all these Organizations, all these movements and all these armies, all have failed, I have no choice but to bring the Americans. Well, how can I win the favors of Americans? God, I know how to get closer to Him: prayer, Ramadan fasting, Hajj, Umrah, invocations, ziyaras (holy visits of Saints), Koran… Well, how do I get closer to Trump? By what he loves. And what he loves is money. So “Take it to satiety, O Trump. Take it to satiety.”

The media talked about $ 110 billion in contracts. After that, they talked about $ 300 billion. What is the total sum officially? The Al-Arabiya channel announced it in its drop-down strip at the bottom of the screen: 480 billion dollars of contracts and agreements with American companies. 480 billion dollars while there is austerity, poverty and an economic crisis in Saudi Arabia. All they had in money, they offered it to Trump.

What about Palestine? And that is why [Saudi Arabia declares]: “Whatever you decide for Palestine, we agree.” And Trump brought a letter from King Salman to Netanyahu. That’s it. “Whatever you decide for Palestine, we agree.” And that is why during the triple summit, no one said a word about the Palestinian people, nor about the prisoners on hunger strike for the 38th or 39th day, nor about the hundreds of them who were transported to hospitals as a result of deteriorating health, either on the holy sites, on Al-Quds (Jerusalem), on Gaza, or on the siege of Gaza. Any word that could have disturbed Trump on the Palestinian issue was kept silent. And God knows what they have conceded to him on the Palestinian question.

We must wait to see. There is talk of a forthcoming summit in Sharm-el-Sheikh, there is talk of launching new negotiations… Taking into consideration that when Trump arrived at Netanyahu, and even when he saw President Abbas, he has not given the least positive sign to Palestinian causes, not even minimally. Not even minimally, absolutely no positive signs.

That’s it. Saudi Arabia has been given a tremendous amount of money, and Palestine is now offered on a golden plate, and all this glorification and incensing is intended to achieve these ends.

Well, what is going to happen or what can happen? And that is the most important part of the speech. Thank God, we still have a little time.

First, Iran, which was the main topic of the Riyadh Declaration. And I would like to tell you one thing… O my brother, even the words that have been spoken… For example, the Jordanian king spoke. Of course, two and a half pages (barely). He did not talk about Iran. The Egyptian President spoke. He did not talk about Iran. The Prince of Kuwait spoke, he did not talk about Iran. Only the Malaysian (President) mentioned Iran. Only the Malaysian (President) mentioned it. But was not this summit against Iran, this Declaration against Iran?! This is what Saudi Arabia wanted the leaders who were present to say, and who did not know what was going on. What is the result?

First, with regard to Iran. I will tell you what will happen.

First, with regard to Iran, while these people were gathering in Riyadh, the Iranian people renewed their confidence in the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran. And 42 million people took part in the elections. That is more than 73% of the people entitled to vote. And for clarification, it was presidential and municipal elections. Municipal elections in Iran. If we count only those who hold the ballot boxes, this makes 650,000 people responsible. We know how it works in Lebanon. When municipal elections are held, it cannot be done in one day throughout all Lebanon. It is done by districts. Iran, with 42 million voters, sensitive presidential elections, municipal elections even more sensitive, as is the case for us, and in spite of that, no incident has taken place, neither blows, nor shots, nor accidents of the road, nor wounded, despite all the sensitivity of the event. And Iran has elected its President, renewing its allegiance. Well, this is what Iran is.
Such is Iran that is confronted by countries that do not know the meaning of elections, nor the sense of democracy, nor do they know the electoral ballot box… If you presented them with this white ballot box, they would ask you “What’s in it, eggs, cheese or milk?” They know nothing (of all that). They would like to make war on an authentic Republic, which represents the will of its people, and whose people are so strongly present, through their declarations, their announcements, and so on.

You have tried this in the past. Saudi Arabia is the country that incited Saddam Hussein to the war against Iran, 8 years of war. They are the ones who say they paid $ 200 billion for Saddam Hussein. What was the consequence of the war for the whole region? During the past decades, Saudi Arabia has not neglected any action that could weaken Iran, it has tried everything. What could she do again? Tell me.

So much for Iran. And I tell them that Iran is increasingly powerful, formidable and influential, and the whole world recognizes it.

And as far as I’m talking about Iran, I advise Saudi Arabia… because we do not just describe, we want to give advice. Leave aside the struggle, the hatred and the war. Your only way out in the interest of all Muslims, the whole region, the Gulf countries and the peoples of the region is dialogue with Iran, negotiations with Iran, and Iran has always been ready for that. This path you will take will lead to no result, if not the expenditure of more billions of dollars, the effusion of more blood, and you will be the losers. It is you who will fail, as you have failed so far, as you have lost so far, and as Iran has won so far. This is the advice of a Muslim Arab Lebanese to a Muslim Arab state – which declares itself to belong to the name of Islam. As for this path (which you trod today), it will lead to nothing.

Secondly, in Yemen, this summit will not accelerate nor delay anything. The Yemeni people, the Islamic and patriotic leaders in Yemen, the Yemeni parties, the Yemeni army and the people’s committees are all resolved to face and resist, and so far they resisted (successfully). And all that Saudi Arabia could possibly do militarily for two and a half years, it did. All the mercenaries they could bring, they brought them. All the armies they could bring, they brought them. All they could use in air force, they used it. They besieged, plus the cholera, the hunger, the diseases, of which we have already spoken. But what is the result? A military fiasco and a political fiasco. I do not want to go into the details of southern and northern Yemen and what is happening in Aden. And that is why, as I also know, this Saudi path and the announcement of Riyadh have absolutely no weight with regard to the ongoing battle in Yemen and the resistance in Yemen.

In Iraq, the Iraqi people have made their choice. Iraqi forces are headed for the final victory in Mosul where only small quarters remain (to be liberated). The People’s Committees have finished (liberating) the al-Qayrawan area and are heading towards al-Ba’aj and will continue to all areas. In Iraq, there is a national, official, popular consensus of parties and scholars to put an end to ISIS.

In Syria, there are more victories in the field, as happens in the south of Palmyra, east of Homs and elsewhere, and more defeats and retreats for the ISIS organization.

Let me tell you that this precautionary force, the 38,000 soldiers they are preparing to fight ISIS in 2018, good for you. But God willing, in 2018, there will be no more ISIS, neither in Iraq nor in Syria, at least in our region here. That’s it.

As far as the Resistance movements are concerned, you mentioned Hezbollah and Hamas, but in fact, all Resistance movements are targeted. All those who fight the Zionists and the Occupation. I would also like to say to you: this Summit, these Declarations and these announcements will not accelerate nor delay anything at all. You have to realize that for example, Trump, the President of the United States, in his speech to the so-called summit, he praises Saudi Arabia and says that she resists and combats terrorism, and the evidence that he gave is that yesterday Saudi Arabia placed one of Hezbollah’s top leaders on the list of terrorist organizations. And (that’s it): welcome to you (in the anti-terror front)! And all the money that we [Hezbollah] have in the banks of Paris, London, the United States, Switzerland, and I don’t know where else, we give it to you with a good heart, enjoy it. Take it then (this non-existent money). But that’s part of the war.
What I want to sayto these Lebanese and Palestinian Resistant movements, whether they are called Hezbollah or any other name, Hamas or any other name, from the beginning, they know the path that they have chosen, they know the path they are trodding, and they know what they are going to face along the way. We are registered, our name is on the list of terrorist organizations since the early 1980s! So what’s new for us? (We have been under) sanctions for a very long time. The media war has been going on for a long time, decades before the Riyadh summit. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent to tarnish our reputation. What more can you say than what you have already said? (You accused us) of drug trafficking, stealing cars, terrorists, murderers and criminals. Good job, that’s good for you, what’s next? Tell us. I want to tell you, O my brothers and sisters, there is nothing new that we can fear from them. There is nothing new that we can fear from them. They are just repeating everything they have been doing over and over again for decades.
As for the movements of the Resistance, these movements of the Resistance, where were assassinated Sheikh Ahmad Yassin (Hamas), Doctor Fathi Chiqaqi (Islamic Jihad), Sayed Abbas al-Musawi and Hajj Imad Mughniyah (Hezbollah), they fear no threats of confrontation, fighting, war or death. With what can you come to us (to frighten us)? With martyrdom? We are the lovers of martyrdom! With death? “Ali is more attached to death than the suckling infant to the breast of his mother.” (Word of Imam Ali)

[At your service, O Nasrallah! (audience shouts)]

We are the children of the school advocated by Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, to his son Ali al-Akbar. (Al-Akbar) asked his father: “Are we not on the right path?” “Yes”, replied the Imam. (Al-Akbar) replied, “So little matter if we go to meet death or if death comes to meet us. As long as we are on the right track (we cannot fear death).

As for Qasim, his 11 or 12 year old son, who is present in each of our houses, in Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Bahrain, inside Saudi Arabia itself, and everywhere in the Islamic world, when asked what he thought of death (while fighting oppression), he replied: “It is more flavorful to me than honey.” Are you threatening us with this death?

We are not afraid of death, war, fighting, sanctions, intimidation or media defamation. All this, we have experienced, these means have been exhausted during all the past years. This is why the Resistance movements will not bear any impact, they will not be shaken, weakened or frightened, they will continue their action and movement.

And I’m telling you more than that. We are today, we Resistance movements and within the Resistance Axis, we are today stronger than we have ever been. We are really stronger than we have ever been, absolutely ever. We are more numerous, more experienced, more determined, our faith, hopes and aspirations are higher than ever. Indeed.

We have an example of that that I mentioned in my last speech, the day of (the anti-terrorist summit of) Sharm el-Sheikh. Those who have just met in Riyadh do not even represent half of those who were in Sharm-el-Sheikh in 1996. At the time, there were the United States, Russia, China, European countries, the Arab countries, the African countries, they came from all over the world. And they said there were three organizations they wanted to eradicate: Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad. And they included Iran and Syria as supporters (of these groups). And they made a conference, organized committees, and the Directors of the Intelligence services then met in Washington.

At that time, the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon was limited in resources and manpower. What we had best was Katyushas with a range of 20 kilometers. That was our maximum in 1996. Hamas and Islamic Jihad were some in prison, some in exile, some were hiding, etc. And Iran was emerging from a war and was in trouble. Syria was imposed a blockade and isolation. Despite this, the Sharm-el-Sheikh Summit and all they did, as a result of the persistence of the Resistance in Lebanon, the persistence of the Resistance in Palestine, the perseverance of Syria, Iran, everything (they schemed) was overthrown. And after a few months, the whole world forgot Sharm-el-Sheikh, after a few months (only), not after a few years.

And today, where is the Resistance Axis in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq? In 1996, Iraq was with Saddam Hussein. Today, Iraq is ruled by its people, and it is the armed forces and people’s committees that brandish its blessed flag. And Iran, and Yemen! And the same in many parts of the world. The situation is different. America at the time was something (formidable), but today it is something else. Israel at the time was something (unbeaten), but today is something else. Israel was attacking (all its neighbors at will), now it builds (defensive) walls (against Hezbollah). So it’s a different matter, the conditions are very different (today).
As far as we are concerned, I want to tell you this: take things in a truly normal and natural way. I was long in my description, but I wanted to show that this is the reality of things. To speak in a familiar way, no need toget ourselves riled up about all this, there is nothing, nothing happened (that is of concern), really. So the United States would like to be more present in the region? Good for them. The worst thing that can happen, the worst is that the Americans come to the area. But they have already come to the region, bro! They have already come. They occupied Iraq, threatened Syria, threatened Iran… And then the Iraqi Resistance and the persistence of the Resistance Axis in the region forced them to go out and withdraw. What could the United States want to do (that could frighten us)?
Today, when we are peoples in our countries who are determined to live in dignity, to remain on our lands… We have not gone to the other end of the world, (we are right) here (at home), we (only) defend our blood, our women, our honor, our property, our homes, our dignity and the future of our children and grandchildren. And that is why we are stronger than the whole world. There is absolutely nothing that frightens us. We are stronger than ever. I do not say that (our enemies) are weaker than ever, I say they have less strength than ever.

And that is why we must take things with realism, assume our responsibility and continue on our path. We will continue to call to the end of the war against Yemen, to call for an opportunity for the Yemeni to negotiate, to call for an end to the aggression against the people of Bahrain and for the opening of negotiations, for stopping the support of terrorist takfiries in the region and seeking political solutions.

As for those (Saudi Arabia), God the Almighty says about them in a Qur’anic verse: “They spend their wealth to hinder (man) from the path of God, and so will they continue to spend (until they have none left); but in the end they will have (only) regrets and sighs; at length they will be overcome” (Sura 8, verse 36).

So that your money is not wasted in vain, and your efforts are not useless and vain, you can backtrack. I know that my voice will not be heard, but I say this only to have an argument (before God: I would have tried) and for the Last Judgment Day when I will be questioned and judged. And every one of us will be held accountable for his position at this stage. Everyone will be held accountable on the Day of Judgment on Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Holy places in Palestine. And we must assume that responsibility.

O my brothers and sisters, we said in 2006, based on the victory of May 2000 and the victory of July 2006, that the time of defeats is over, and that the time for victories has come. And these victories are before our very eyes, on all battlefields and on all terrains, the bitterest battles and the most difficult terrain. But the horizon, be certain, I repeat, trust in God and place your hopes in Him, trust in yourselves, trust in your people, and trust in your allies. We have confidence in our allies. We have confidence in all those we fight with.

As for you (Saudis)… Anyway, Trump told them, he said, “It’s up to you to take responsibility, do not expect us to come and fight for you.” Yesterday, NATO… Pardon, today, its Secretary General said (It was time ! Anyway.) that NATO will participate in the war against ISIS. But what did he say? “On the other hand, we will fight only from the air, we will not participate with ground forces.” “We will not participate with ground forces.” This (Trump) on which you count, it’s been a while since he left you and sold you to the slave markets.

But in the Resistance Axis, the noble Fighters who are ready to sacrifice themselves, truthful, sincere, who have sent their loved ones to battle, who have stood firm for decades, will never leave this battlefield and never give up neither before the Riyadh summit and its summits, nor after the Riyadh summit and its meetings, speeches and statements.

This Resistance, this resilient (Muslim) Community, these Resistance movements, these resistant peoples, will continue to raise the flag (of the struggle). This flag has been brandished, and it will never fall, until it fully realizes all the victories to which our peoples and our Community aspire.

We have absolute certainty. It is the promise of God, “And the promise of God is always fulfilled.” (Verse inscribed in the background – Koran, 17, 108)

May God bless you and grant you victory, and the peace of God be upon you, and His mercy and blessings.