An email from a correspondent

November 17, 2019

In Blog Letters To Finkelstein News

In your debate with Alan Dershowitz you repeatedly use the Appeal to Authority Fallacy to make your case while simultaneously mocking Dershowitz’ sources.
One of your sources is Human Rights Watch which has been proven biased vs Israel  numerous times.
You are no researcher. You are a fraud. Like many Leftists, you are what you accuse others of, except much worse. Try looking in the mirror, if you can stand it.
As to the relative numbers of Palestinians vs Israelis killed that is a meaningless number, often used by demented Leftists. Raw totals leave out numerous factors.
Your precious source: the virulent lying Leftist B’Tselem org. Like you, totally biased.
The fact is that Palestinians kill a much higher percentage of Israeli non-combatants than vice versa. The percentage tells a lot, which you would understand if you knew how to do research, rather than cherry-pick the data based on your agenda—to  de-legitimize Israel.
DePaul was right to get rid of you. YOU are the fraud, not Dershowitz.
How much money did you milk from them to keep you quiet ?
Millions ?
Looking forward to a response with evidence in it , rather than the usual clap-trap you spew.
Thank you.

David Goldenberg