Amendment 69: ColoradoCare

August 19, 2016

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Vote Yes on Amendment 69

In 2015, volunteers all over the state of Colorado collected more than 150,000 signatures for a universal health care system, ColoradoCare, which made ballot this November as Amendment 69. This resident-owned, non-governmental health care financing system will be like Medicare for all Coloradans in ensuring quality comprehensive health care for everyone without deductibles for less than we pay now.

Amendment 69 will ensure quality, accessible, lifetime health care for every Colorado resident. Premiums will be collected based on income, securing health care regardless of financial circumstance. This efficient, universal system would operate in the interests of Coloradans. By eliminating layers of bureaucracy and reducing administrative and other non-medical costs, ColoradoCare would cover all residents, cost less than the current system, and eliminate deductibles and co-pays for primary and preventative care.