Allyson Burger: The One-Trick-Pony Strikes Again!

September 25, 2017

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Finkelstein comments:  A correspondent sent me his email exchange with ​racist perjurer ​Allyson Burger.  The One-Trick-Pony ​responds to all ​queries regarding her criminal action by ​​accusing the inquirer of . . . “criminal action.”

It’s a classic case of the thief caught in the act shouting “Stop! Thief!”




Dear Michael Chetkof & Allyson Burger,
The following leaflet was shared with me recently. It lists detailed allegations perpetrated by attorneys of your practice. I wanted to verify with you whether what has been documented is true.


The reason why I’m inquiring directly is a matter of good judgment. Although I do trust the source of the leaflet, my sense of fairness compels me to check with you since the allegations are directed to you two.


I feel very concerned and worried by such allegations, especially when the accused are those trusted to respect and apply the law in all fairness and without abuse. Blackmailing is still an offence punishable by law for a maximum of 14 years.


Please reassure me that what is detailed in this very note is anything but true.


Yours truly


Reply from Allyson Burger​:​


Dr. Baldeo was represented by two Attorneys [​n​ames deleted] and the Matrimonial Matter was settled during Trial.  We have been advised by the Garden City Police Department and the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office to let you know that Allyson Burger, Esq., Michael Chetkof, Esq. or any other Partner, Paralegal or any other Employee of Saltzman  Chetkof & Rosenberg LLP do not give you permission to contact us via any means.  Any additional contact could result in criminal action.


Allyson D. Burger, Esq.


Saltzman Chetkof & Rosenberg LLP

300 Garden City Plaza, Suite 130

Garden City, New York 11530

Phone:  516-873-7200

Fax:      516-873-0683