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May 17, 2010

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Kagan Approved Holocaust Revisionism At Harvard

When Alan Dershowitz was exposed as a plagiarist in 2003, he launched a hysterical smear campaign against Norman Finkelstein, who exposed him in the most humiliating (and hilarious fashion).

One of the many slanders aimed at Finkelstein was the charge that his mother (a survivor of the Nazi concentration camps, whose family had been exterminated by the Nazis, and who was a government witness in war crimes trials against Nazi guards and deportation hearings for Nazi war criminals hiding in the US) was a Nazi collaborator, or that Finkelstein had accused his mother of being one.

Dershowitz put this disgusting libel on the official web page for Harvard Law School, with the support of Elena Kagan (click my name to read the details).

Although acknowledging that the Law School webpage had content limits, Kagan did not consider Dershowitz’s statements objectionable.

So according to Elena Kagan, Holocaust revisionism is fit for publication on the official website of the Law School where she was the dean.