A special song by a special performer on a special day

October 19, 2015

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Finkelstein comments:

Christine Bovill wrote me the other day.  I asked her to send me a song to mark my Mother’s death.  Here’s her reply;

Please allow me to share my sympathies on the anniversary of the death of your mother. I hope you will have some quiet time today to be with your own thoughts.
What an honour to be asked to send a song to mark such a time in your life.

Below is a link to the only song, in my mind, appropriate for this occasion. Piaf wrote the lyrics following the death of her lover, Marcel Cerdan. I was invited onto BBC Newsnight to sing live, and I chose the Piaf song closest to my heart.

It is “Hymn To Love” – a beautiful statement on how the memory of someone we have loved, who is now gone, is never extinguished inside us.



I, too, will keep you in my thoughts today, and hope that today is a peaceful one.

You can rely on words on most occasions….but not all……..

Wishing you peace and strength


Christine Bovill