A Plea to Humanity

August 7, 2006

In News

Dear All
The situation in Lebanon is going from bad to worst. Innocent lives
are being shattered and threatened in mass.

I appeal tp all colleagues in the academia to launch a campaign to
pressure the US to stop Israeli destruction of bridges, power
stations, and end the Israeli blockade to Lebanon. Fuel is running
short, and hospitals will come to a stand still, water supplies will
be cut short, a total human disastor.

Israel’s official target is to secure Hizbollah-free south, not to
starve four millions and randoumly threaten the lives of all civilians.

I am sixty this year, and my life doesnot matter that much; but I
look at the young and shudder: I have young neighbours who need
kidney-wash every 48 hours, and there are children with cancer.
Pregnant women are countless. An estimated 20,000 patient will
simply perish if no fuel is supplied in few days. This is a cold-
blooded collective death sentence. This is horrible and unbearable.
Please do something. Send letters to the UN, the EU, the White House,
the International Red Cross. This is urgent. End the embargo now.

Faleh A. Jabar
author, researcher, Iraq