A Heartfelt Thank You

February 28, 2018

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One week ago tonight London was witness to a memorable occasion.

125 people gathered together for a common purpose:

To show solidarity with Gaza.

We had only ten days to prepare.

Panic ensued.

Who was going go organize it?

A brilliant young man, Jamie Stern-Weiner, volunteered.

Then a dozen other souls joined in

But where was it going to be?  

A kind-hearted Palestinian offered his restaurant.

But how were we going to sell thirty $150 tickets?

In the end we sold all of them.

But how were we going to raise $15,000?

We held an auction, strangers contributed objects of real (and dubious) value, and we reached our goal!

How did we manage to pull it off?


Sana Kassem, who flew in from Greece to host the event, captured the essence of our success: “The majority of people in the world are good.”

It’s true.

Who were we?

A cross-section of humanity.

The event was supposed to last two hours but it went on for four hours.

An overwhelming majority stayed until the end.


Because the most exhilarating of all human experiences is solidarity in a just cause.

And what cause can be more just than solidarity with the people of Gaza?

A thousand thanks to everyone who volunteered and everyone who showed up.

Norm Finkelstein

27 February 2018



Our generous hosts:

ShakeShuka Restaurant

The A-Team — volunteer organisers:
– Assad Bishara
– Sana Kassem
– Alan Kessedjian
– Kate Stern-Weiner
– Liam Blizard and Sarah Morrison, Filanthropy
– Anoosheh Dastbaz
– Naweeda Saddique
– Marcella Mameli-Badi
– Adhiyan Jeevathol
– Eleanor Veness, Official Videographer
– Oskar Butcher, Official Photographer
– Célestine Fünfgeld, Official Photographer
– Tariq Emam, Sound Engineer
– Deborah Maccoby
The all-star line-up — speakers and performers:
– Ambassador Manuel Hassassian
– Julia Katarina, Music With Refugees
– Christopher Gunness, UNRWA
– Z the People, 47Soul
– Lowkey
– Norman G. Finkelstein
People who donated books/items for auction:
– Alan Kessedjian
– Adhiyan Jeevathol