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April 3, 2012

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Big Brother star Saar Szekely is becoming famous by bringing the topic of the Israeli occupation of Palestine on the agenda.

Even before appearing on the show Saar Szekely proclaimed that the only reason he joined the show was to put the topic of occupation in the spotlight. Saar is using his fame on TV to talk about what he burns for, and he tries to explain how his people has been manipulated by an evil state based on military rule where peace was never a goal. And he seems to be pretty good at it, not letting the other contestants getting away with their stupid arguments. It seems like he makes them really think about what their nation is all about – for the first time in their lives – and they are slowly starting to like him.
As a matter of fact, he is becoming pretty popular among his viewers, stirring up a healthy debate. The hosts of the show were celebrating the fact that they finally had an intelligent dialogue between the political left and right wings on prime time TV. All it took was a Reality TV-show called Big Brother.
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Here is a transcribed example of one of the conversations Saar had with one of the woman in the Big Brother house:
Woman – If everyone thought like you, we would be destroyed!
Saar – No, if everyone thought like me, Israel would have had a chance to survive… unless you wake up, Israel will collapse.
Woman – And we’ll go back to 1967?
Saar – You need to wake up and realize that the only way to save this country is to remove it from its conflict, and the only way to remove it from its conflict is to stop coveting more and more land more, and more power, and to realize that real power means stopping the fighting, not prolonging it indefinitely.

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