August 2, 2020

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So sad, what’s befallen Professor Dershowitz, after a lifetime dedicated to defending Pornographic Films and Actors (I Am Curious Yellow, Deep Throat, Harry Reems), Spousal Murderers (Claus Van Bulow, O.J. Simpson), Rapists (Mike Tyson) and Pathological Sexual Predators (Jeffrey Epstein). It can’t be doubted that his colleagues at Harvard who enabled him, such as Elena Kagan (here I can attest from personal experience), and sang paeans to him at his retirement, such as Martha Minow, Steve Pinker, Jeffrey Toobin, Charles Ogletree, Nancy Gertner, and Harvey Silverglate, are shocked! shocked! by this Reversal of Fortune.  It was, after all, impossible to predict after Dershowitz’ distinguished career of PRO-BONER legal work.