Whenever I read Jeffrey Goldberg, I think back to a scene from the Wizard of Oz

June 21, 2014

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Finkelstein comments:
Goldberg served as a prison guard (and accomplice to torture) during the first intifada (1987-1990).  He wrote a book describing his experience entitled PRISONERS.  Goldberg says that he “had not seen” nonviolent resistance among the Palestinians.  Those not suffering from a deficit of gray matter told a different story.  “The intifada has thus far been distinguished on the Palestinian side by predominantly nonviolent forms of struggle,” Gene Sharp, a leading American academic specialist on nonviolent resistance, observed more than a year into it.  “Considering their lack of preparation for disciplined nonviolent struggle,” he continued, “and given the severity of Israeli repression in the form of beatings, shootings, killings, house demolitions, uprooting of trees, deportations, extended imprisonments and detentions without trial, and so on, the Palestinians during the intifada have shown impressive restraint.”