What We Can Do: Write Haaretz reporter Amos Harel

December 15, 2013

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Amos Harel wrote in yesterday’s Haaretz that “The situation in Gaza is not currently a humanitarian crisis” (“Israel, Palestinians already preparing their alibis if talks fail,” 14 December 2013).
In 2006, when Gaza faced a humanitarian crisis, Harel wrote an article in Haaretz titled, “Territories Coordinator: No humanitarian crisis in Gaza” (12 July 2006).
In 2008, as the humanitarian crisis in Gaza worsened, Harel wrote an article in Haaretz titled, “Top IDF officer: Gaza was never close to a humanitarian crisis.”
Tis a pity Harel was born too late to write for Der Sturmer
But one can still see his headline:
“Top Wehrmacht Commander: No humanitarian crisis in Warsaw Ghetto.”

Here’s Harel’s email address:
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