July 21, 2014

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URGENT: If UNRWA does NOT receive immediate funding, we are at risk of running out of emergency supplies in Gaza tomorrow!


After a weekend of brutal tragedies, the number of displaced people seeking shelter in UNRWA schools in Gaza has skyrocketed to 85,000–far exceeding the peak number from Operation Cast Lead in 2008/9.

We are deeply concerned that a more intensive military operation will cause the numbers to rise even higher, creating an unprecedented burden to this extremely vulnerable population.

Most of the men, women, and children seeking refuge in UNRWA shelters were forced to leave everything. We will never be able to replace the memories they’ve lost, but we must have to ability to provide them with food, water, mattresses, blankets, and other necessary personal items to help them survive with dignity despite tragedy.

Over the weekend, UNRWA’s Director of Gaza Operations, Robert Turner stated that, “we can get through today but if the situation continues to deteriorate and we receive more displaced in our schools, we will likely run out of basic stocks of mattresses and other vital supplies tomorrow.”

This would be catastrophic for the people of Gaza, who have already been through such heartbreak and trauma and who are counting on UNRWA for safety and support.

All tax-deductible donations are going directly to Gaza to ensure that UNRWA can continue to protect, support and provide relief to those who need it most. I hope you will help us prevent further tragedy for the people of Gaza by supporting UNRWA’s life-saving efforts today.

In hopes of peace and justice,
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Abby Smardon
Executive Director

PS–Many of you have already given so generously, and for that, we cannot thank you enough. If you have the ability to give again, I encourage you to do so. You can also help us by forwarding this email to your network of friends or family.

If you or someone you know is interested in hosting an emergency Gaza fundraising event, please contact us at 202-223-3767 or

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