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November 3, 2014

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Anything to say?_a public art project for freedom

by Vaughan Smith

A monument to Courage. Life size bronze statue of Assange, Manning and Snowden

standing on 3 chairs with a fourth empty chair for us.

We need your help to make a monument to courage. There is no room for compromise today and art is called upon to make choices and show a direction. We want to create a life-size bronze statue of Assange, Manning and Snowden standing on three chairs with an empty fourth chair next to them. It is not a simple homage to individuals, but to courage and to the importance of freedom of speech and information.

This is the reason for the empty chair. Each of us can climb onto it, however uncomfortable and vulnerable, and change our point of view. The work of art will travel from country to country and offer the opportunity for us  to hear each other out and think.

To be free, we need to be courageous. And courage is contagious.

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Risks and challengesLearn about accountability on Kickstarter

The project will be executed by a professional sculptor, Davide Dormino, in a very professional environment. He is specialised in portraits and teaches drawing and sculpture at Rome University of Fine Arts .The bronze fusion will be achieved by one of the most reliable and well known foundries in Pietra Santa, Italy.
Our only concern is about the financing of the whole project because professionals are expensive.


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