What We Can Do: 5 Palestinian Prisoners are at risk, Urgent Action Required

December 12, 2012

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UFree Network: 5 Palestinian Prisoners are at risk, Urgent Action Required

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UFree Network to support rights of Palestinian prisoners, called on intensifying efforts and actions in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners who are in hunger strike in Israeli jails. The emergency action is required to save lives of Palestinian prisoners, said the organisation.
This comes as prisoners on strike, Samer Al Essawi and Ayman al Sharawna are critically ill in one of Israeli jails. In a phone call with Network, Shereen Al Essawi, sister of prisoner al Essawi stated that both Ayman and Samer were admitted to Asaf Hroviah hospital on Tuesday, 11/12/2012.
“Samer is suffering from “Muscular dystrophy” and also dysfunction of the nervous system since a week. This is due to fainting and falling in the heartbeat and difficulty breathing beside blood vomiting and other serious symptoms he has” added Shereen Al Essawi
Samer was admitted Thursday last week to a hospital in Al Ramla. Yet, he refuses to take treatment as part of his hunger strike.
Ayman al Sharawna, 36, a resident from Dora village in Hebron, has been in hunger strike for 165 days while Samer, 33, from Esawya town in Jerusalem has been in strike for 136 days. It is reported that 3 other Palestinian prisoners joined the strike whom of which Ja’far Izeldin, 41, and Traiq Qadan, 40, both of them from Araba town in greater Jenin city. The third prisoner is Yousef Shaban Shafi’ Yasin, 29, from Anin village in greater Jenin.
Chairman of UFree Network, Mohammad Hamdan, expressed his concerns about the lives of prisoners on hunger strike. His concern comes due to the fact that there not much awareness about this case. Hamdan stated that solidarity with those prisoners should meet their sacrifice and pain.
“It’s unfair to set and watch Palestinian prisoners who are on a hunger strike since hundreds of days, its inexcusable act to remain silent,” said Hamdan
On another side, UFree Network condemned the Israeli occupation army invasion, Tuesday morning 11/12/2012, in Ramallah city which targeted a number of civil society organisations like Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association. UFree Network suggested that such storming of these premises and causing sabotage and equipment confiscation is part of the fierce campaign that targets prisoners, their families and organisations which take care of them.
To support the struggle of Palestinian prisoners, UFree Network continues its International Petition titled, “Save Ayman and Samer Freedom and Justice for Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails”.Therefore, UFree calls to support prisoners by signing the petition on the following link: