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January 6, 2020

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Help Fund Youth Football Program at Al Naqab Youth Center

Al Naqab Youth Football Program aims to create a safe place for youth in the community of Burj al Barajneh refugee camp to play football and learn important life skills.

Our football program operates under the guidance of Al Naqab Youth Center, an independent youth initiative with no political party affiliations. We strive to be a space which fosters the capacity of local youth to uphold and act upon our shared responsibility to our community.

Al Naqab Football Program offers recreational soccer and competitive teams.

Recreational Soccer: A program that provides a space for youth of any ability level to learn basic athletic movements, football skills, and game play.
·         One 60-minute mixed practice / game each week

Competitive Teams: A program that offers more experienced players an outlet to train in a structured team environment and play in competitive matches.
·         One 90-minute practice each week
·         One 60-minute game each week

Monthly Fixed Costs: $300 per month for field rental fees, coach stipends, and healthy snacks for kids

Equipment Costs: $900 for balls, cones, training vests, mini-goals, and various items.
·         Equipment budget needed every 6 months

Fundraising Targets
·         1 Month of Operation: $1,200
·         3 Months of Operation: $1,800
·         6 Months of Operation: $3,600
·         1 Year of Operation: $7,200

Your support will make a difference in the lives of these children and have a positive impact on our community ! ! !