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March 25, 2011

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Dear friends,

For those who required more details, the e-mail below from Munther himself explains more fully his present situation. Many of his friends wonder if the Israeli judge’s decision, last February 17th, to refuse him a Jerusalem residency status is totally alien to the fact that Munther’s English-language bookshop is one of the best places in Israel/Palestine to find a full range of thought-provoking books on the Middle-Eastern conflict and on the present situation of the Palestinians…. who knows?

The Israelis consider him an “American” (granted, he does have the passport), though to all of us he is what no-one can deny that he indeed is : a Jerusalem-born Palestinian who has been working in Jerusalem for many years : if that doesn’t justify a Jerusalemite status, what hopes are there towards resolving the conflict ?

If Munther’s last appeal to the Interior Ministry of Israel -sent by his lawyer last Thursday, 17th March- is rejected (and he fears it will be), he’ll be deported.
So your support is urgent. Please send it directly to Munther Fahmi

And tell your friends.

March 18th 2011

Letter in support of Munther Fahmi :

We are writing to you in support of the application of Munther Fahmi for his right to continue to live in East Jerusalem and not be deported. 
Munther Fahmi is the founder and manager of the American Colony Bookshop. This haven for readers of the greatest importance to both Israel and Palestine.
The Bookshop at the American Colony Hotel has an influence and importance far beyond Jerusalem or Palestine and offers a unique range of books by international and regional writers, with an unparalleled range of contemporary fiction and non-fiction, much of it relating to the problems of the Middle East and representing all viewpoints from right to left, from the most hawkish to the most doveish.   
His bookshop is an important meeting place for writers, publishers, diplomats, journalists and readers. Its closure would be a terrible loss to the cultural offering of an international city like Jerusalem. 
 We are certain of the importance of his bookshop to the literary life of Jerusalem.  And Munther Fahmi was born in Jerusalem – which must, surely, matter.  We would ask you to weigh this heavily in your consideration of his appeal.  If Munther Fahmi is made to leave, Jerusalem will be a poorer place.
Yours sincerely,