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January 27, 2010

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Zatoun is totally thrilled to have landed on firm ground in a large, beautiful space and a terrific location in the heart of activist Toronto. For six years Zatoun has existed in the cloud — that is, on the web and in the living rooms, garages, and basements of supporters across Canada and the United States.

Zatoun now has a home: Beit Zatoun, which means House of Olive (beit means house in both Arabic and Hebrew). Beit Zatoun is a culture and art venue providing gallery and performance space for the justice and human rights community in Toronto. It aims to raise awareness and create greater understanding as the ultimate means to peace, through art and culture, and by hosting exhibits, talks, screenings, plays, music, dance, workshops, and a resource centre.

At its core, though, the question of Israel/Palestine is but an intersection point of many struggles and human dimensions. Beit Zatoun invites and welcomes all communities resisting oppression and affirming the rights of individuals everywhere to live in dignity and freedom.

Beit Zatoun is also the global office and centre for Project Hope, a long-time partner of Zatoun. All Zatoun products will be available for sale at Beit Zatoun.

Beit Zatoun may be located in Toronto for now, but the entire Zatoun community in North America can rejoice at this most important step. With the help and courage of others there can be Beit Zatouns in other cities.

To learn more about Beit Zatoun and our hours and services, please visit Beit Zatoun.