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October 4, 2009

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A worth effort in Canada:

About Engineers for Justice:
We are a group of engineers in Canada who are deeply concerned with the current humanitarian
crisis which has been quietly unfolding in Gaza for the last two years. As a fellowship of engineers
from all races, beliefs and orientation, we do not identify ourselves as pro-Palestinian or pro-
Israel, but pro-Justice. We are particularly troubled by Canada’s recent change in direction from
a long standing supporter of international law and universal human rights to a pro-Israel activist

Our mandate is to contribute to the the intense debate currently underway around the world, and bring it to the Canadian public, where the debate is lacking in substance and reality. By bringing to the foreground the facts underlying the root causes of the conflict visa vi the documentary record, we hope to silence the rhetoric projected in the mainstream media, and further flamed by our current government. We believe, that given the opportunity, Canadians presented with the unbiased facts will arrive at the same truth – that it is only through the acceptance and enforcement of international law and the principles of universal human rights and justice that the conflict can come to an end by ending the occupation.

Without truth, there can be no justice.

Visit us at to learn more about our organization.