We are all Holocaust survivors

June 19, 2013

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Finkelstein comments:
Theodor Meron is the Chief Judge for the International Criminal Tribunal on Yugoslavia (ICTY).  

It was recently alleged that he gets his inspiration, not from law books, but from the American and Israeli embassies.  

Meron claims to be a Holocaust survivor.  

But is he?

Here are the facts.

Meron was born in 1930.

He was nine years old when the Nazis occupied Poland, and eleven-twelve years old when the Ghettos were closed and the only possibility of survival was in labour camps. 

Before the I-AM-A-HOLOCAUST-SURVIVOR boom set in, it was acknowledged that children as young as fourteen might have passed selections, if they were unusually strong and tall. 

The youngest camp survivors – as a rare exception – were twelve-thirteen years old when they entered the labor camps.

Also, Meron would not have had any schooling after age nine.  

Then he goes to Israel, where survivors were meant to work and contribute, but were not given much support or education. 

But he was able to finish high school (in a language he does not know), attend Hebrew University and receive a PhD pretty early on. 

It is not recorded whether the Incredible Mr Meron did a polka on the Moon?