W​hat sets apart Gaza from Gandhi and Martin Luther King is not that children ​participate in the Gaza marches, but that unlike the British in India, and the White racists in the American south, only Israel targets and kills innocent children in demonstrations

May 6, 2018

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Finkelstein comments: Israel propaganda is predictably denouncing Hamas for using children as human shields:
But Hamas is only replicating what the Civil Rights Movement did in Birmingham, Alabama:
And the US Civil Rights movement only replicated what Gandhi did in the Salt March.​  

In fact, Gandhi ​argued that ​a big advantage of nonviolent resistance is that it can use children:

Do you think that all the women and the children who covered themselves with glory during the last campaign [Salt March] would have done so if we had pursued the path of violence? Would they have been here today? Would our women known as the meekest on earth, would women like Gangabehn, who stood the lathi-blows until her white sari was drenched in blood, have done the unique service they did if we had violence in us? With God’s name on their lips she and her sisters hurled defiance at their oppressors, without anger in their hearts. And our children—our vanarasena (monkey-army). How could you have had these innocent ones, who renounced their toys, their kites and their crackers, and joined as soldiers of swaraj—how could you have enlisted them in a violent struggle? We were able to enlist as soldiers millions of men, women and children because we were pledged to non-violence. 

W​hat distinguishes Gaza from Gandhi and Martin Luther King is not that children ​participate in the Gaza marches, but that unlike the British in India, and the White racists in the American south, only Israel targets and kills innocent children in demonstrations.