Updates from "Relief Center – Sanayeh" & "MOWATINUN" in Beirut, Lebanon

July 20, 2006

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Updates from a grassroots group working with refugees in central Beirut. In coordination with the media center in Beirut DC. “The Sanayeh Relief Center is composed of groups who were on the ground on the first day of the Israeli aggression on Lebanon. We are coordinating between humanitarian aid and the displacement centers in Beirut, providing information, and organizing political action against the complicity of the ‘international community’.”

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Location:Beirut, Lebanon

“The Lebanese people need you to mobilize for political solutions to lift the embargo and to reach cease-fire. we seek not only your financial help but your support in the following areas as well:

1. Communicate largely about the Israeli Army’s illegal aggression, the killing of innocent citizens and the total destruction of infrastructure in Lebanon.

2. Contribute to the ongoing mobilization to pressure governments to enforce an immediate cease-fire and end the embargo.

3. Raise financial donations to ensure basic food, health, medical, and sanitary supplies. In addition funds for psychological aid to refugees all over Lebanon.

4. If you operate within International NGOs, defy the imposed embargo by sending all necessary aid such as food, drugs and regular supplies.”

Mission Statement: Mowatinun (“Citizens”) is a non political organization established spontaneously by a group of Lebanese citizens in reaction to Israel’s illegal aggression on Lebanon. Our main aim is to provide help and relief to the refugees that fled the regions that were under attack as well as strengthen solidarity between the citizens of Lebanon with no distinction of political or religious affiliation. Mowatinun has already started efficient operations maintaining a steady flow of supplies to families in need thanks to the financial support of Lebanese citizens, Arabs, and foreigners. We have been acting as aggregators, packaging food and drugs and distributing them directly to thousands of refugees in schools around Beirut and its suburbs. We have also created an entertainment unit for kids in order to help them overcome this trauma.