Trio of Instigators by Henry Finkelstein

December 17, 2019

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Trio of Instigators  by Henry Finkelstein
Note: I asked my eldest brother, Henry, who knows everything about just about everything, his reaction to the alleged “anti-Semitic terrorist attack” in New Jersey, as reported by the New York Times).
The Times story:
My Brother’s reaction:
I don’t read the NYT$, except for the weather. I find their reporting totally unreliable and exaggerated. This is the only thing on which I agree with Trump . The trio of media, politicians (mostly New York Democrats), and special interests (ADL) love to play up the anti-Semitism angle. In this case, a couple kills a man in Bayonne, NJ.  A few days later they kill a policeman at a cemetery. Shortly after that, they wander into Elizabeth NJ, and rush into a kosher deli and kill three people. No evidence that this act was premeditated or even if the killers were ever in this town before. For 24 hours the police killing was the main story, but then the trio of instigators leaps into action. The killing not only had to be planned as an anti-Semitic hate crime, but also a nearby religious Jewish school was now at least an equal target. This goes on for a few days until the NYT$ jumps in with three feet to exploit the anti-Semitism angle using vague pieces of evidence and biased experts. Most of the other media sources have stopped playing up the anti-Semitic hate crime aspect and gone on to other things. I as a member of the Jewish community will not be manipulated. I will try and get the facts on my own. People everywhere are victims of all kinds of serious crimes.  At this point, I don’t know what was the motive of any of these homicides and at what point in time were these acts planned, if they were planned at all.