Traverse City Film Festival – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

July 31, 2010

In News

July 25th, 2010 – Rossier and Ridgen’s haunting documentary “American
Radical” tells the story of controversial Jewish academic Norman Finkelstein.

The film is to open this week at the Traverse City Film Festival in Michigan
and then will continue touring in festivals and theaters in South Africa, The US
and Europe. The film has been shown in more that 40 venues and festivals
worldwide and has won recently the Cinema Politica Audience Award. It
will play at Traverse three times including the closing night of the festival.

American Radical is the probing documentary portrait of American academic and
activist Norman Finkelstein. A devoted son of holocaust survivors, ardent critic of
Israeli and US Mid-East policies and author of six provocative books—including
the Holocaust Industry and Beyond Chutzpah, Finkelstein has been at the center
of many intractable controversies. Called a lunatic and a self-hating Jew by some
and an inspirational, street-fighting revolutionary by others, Finkelstein is a
deeply polarizing figure whose struggles arise from core questions about
freedom, identity and nationhood. The film provides an intimate portrait of the
man behind the controversy, giving voice to both his many critics and his
supporters, while following him around the globe as he labors to change peoples’

About the Festival: The Traverse City Film Festival brings films and filmmakers
from around the world to northern Michigan for the annual film festival in late July
to early August. The festival was founded by legendary Academy Award-winning
documentary filmmaker Michael Moore who runs the festival and serves as
president of the board of directors.

American Radical is now released on DVD and is for sale on amazon and other
major outlets. It is available in North America through Typecast Films. UK based
Mercury Media handles world rights.

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Traverse City Film Festival