Those were the days–and they're the days to come! (Part 2)

February 3, 2018

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The response was overwhelming. A genuine mass movement, the Sanders campaign followed a wild grass-roots logic of its own that the central staff had no hope of fully controlling. The surge unnerved not only the Clinton camp, but the entire American establishment. Major media outlets that happily afforded Trump waves of free coverage were far more grudging toward Sanders. Many stories in the Washington Post and other media did not even attempt to be even-handed, though in the latter stages of the campaign his press coverage improved. But it didn’t seem to matter. When Sanders responded to Clinton in a debate that no one on Wall Street ever offered him six-figure fees for speeches one could almost hear the TV audience collectively suck in its breath. Likewise when he reminded Clinton of her husband’s role in the financial deregulation that destroyed the world economy and reproached Clinton, who claimed to be the experienced foreign-policy hand, for simply swimming with the tide in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq. While Clinton claimed Henry Kissinger as a mentor and praised his foreign policy acumen, Sanders bluntly declared that he was proud to say that Kissinger was not his friend and that he would not take advice from him.