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January 21, 2010

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Praise for Israel over Haiti aid will soon make way for disapproval of hostile world

Eitan Haber
Published: 01.20.10, 18:52 / Israel Opinion

The IDF rescue team working tirelessly in order to save some more lives in Haiti highlights Israel’s tragedy through its members’ praiseworthy efforts.

In a month or two, nobody out there will remember the good deeds of the IDF soldiers in Haiti and the mad rush to the other end of the world to offer some help.

The very same countries and very same leaders who are currently lauding the State of Israel will order their representatives to vote against it at the United Nations, proceed to condemn IDF operations in Gaza, and again slam Israel’s foreign minister.

The State of Israel, which at this time is saving children in the disaster zone, will go back to being the world’s bad boy.

These difficult days in Haiti are also days filled with prize for Israel. Again, we are at our best. Again, we are the ones who spare no expense, and who bring people back from the gates of hell to a new life (although not much can be said about the life that expects these people, unfortunately.)

This is the Israel that prompts writers to use the “Beautiful Israel” cliché, and this is where we can and should be quoting Ze’ev Jabotinsky, who in a letter to Jewish soldiers suggested that they stand before the mirror, salute themselves, and say: This is your job.

At such moments we can say, without any excuses, way to go, Israel. Our shoulders are already hurting as result of the many supportive slaps from presidents, prime ministers, and most of all Haiti residents who owe their lives to members of the Israeli mission, which arrived at the disaster zone from a far off place; many in Haiti don’t even know where Israel is located.

In the near future, members of the rescue team will be returning to their homes in Israel. Their albums will be filled with photographs and memories. Yet soon we will go back to struggling against a world that does not like to see us at our finest hour. What a pity.