November 14, 2016

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Finkelstein comments:
Except for the first line gesturing to Obama’s alleged “accomplishments,” Dowd is exactly right.  Incidentally, except for Obamacare — which was rapidly metamorphosing into a national nightmare, as premiums went through the roof — what did Obama actually do, besides his eternal, narcissistic speechifying, as he looked ever ​-​so​-​presidential pursing his lips, panning the audience 180 degrees, tilting his head 75 degrees, and those 30-second pregnant pauses between every four words of insipid tripe?  White liberals love Obama the same reason they  just love jazz and Whoopi Goldberg.  They want to appear down  and chill with “the Brother” (and “Sister”), so long as the “Brother” (and “Sister”) is totally harmless, and won’t touch their bank accounts. Obama fooled everyone except the Democratic party leadership and billionaire class that gave their nod of approval to his candidacy in 2008.​  They knew that Obama was just what the country needed: a hip President, who played golf.

Obama Lobbies Against Obliteration by Trump