The Sagi Saga Continues

November 2, 2015

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Finkelstein comments:  
It appears that the whole of cyberspace cannot contain Sagi’s ego.  (Is it also “merely a coincidence” that he’s an Israeli?  I don’t think so.)  
He now accuses me of “distortion” although I quoted him in full and in context.
Sagi sounds like his lunatic prime minister who also  accused the world of distorting his words about the Holocaust after being caught making an ass of himself.
It would be most illuminating if Sagi would explicate this alleged distortion.
Otherwise, we’ll be forced to conclude that the only distortion is in Sagi’s brain waves.
Nov 2nd, 7:09pm

Dear Mr Finkelstein, since when a private message gives you the right to quote me in public? And yet, a link to lens culture is still not a credit for the picture. It seams that english is probably not your native language, otherwise I can’t understand the distortion of I wrote to you. If you need me to repeat it in any other language, just let me know. For now, please remove my image from your server and from your web site or blog. I would like to end this saga as soon ans as quite as possible without the need of taking any legal actions.

I want my image off the web site. You/Norman, did not get permission to quote me or interview me or to publish a personal message, you didn’t ask for permission to use my photo. You’ve used it anyway without credit. Please remove the image and any text referred to me immediately.