The New York Jewish Times

January 1, 2020

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There’s a big brouhaha over at the N.Y. Times.  One of their regular Jewish supremacist columnists, Bret Stephens, wrote a meditation on “The Secrets of Jewish Genius” (27 December 2019) that effectively posits the genetic superiority of Jews.  Stephens came under attack for his political incorrectness so the Times had to publish a half-hearted “correction.”  Honestly, I can’t fathom what’s the big deal.  First, Stephens is the former editor of the Jerusalem Post, house organ of Israel’s uber Jewish supremacists.  Surely the Times knew what it was getting when Stephens was taken on board.  Second, I’ve never met a Jew who didn’t believe Jews benefited from superior intellectual endowments.  (My close comrade Jamie Stern-Weiner swears never harboring this sentiment, but that’s just proof positive he’s a self-hating Jew.)  Stephens’ transgression was saying out loud what every other Jew thinks.  Third, can it really surprise that none of the Times’ editors spotted Stephens’ “slip”?  The paper might as well be christened The New York Jewish Times.  Not a single week, literally, passes without a Holocaust story featured on the homepage (“New Recipe for Cheese Blintzes Found Buried in Auschwitz Barracks”). In part, the Times is just pandering to its readership base of alte kaker billionaire Jews on the Upper East Side. But it’s also true that the Times truly believes Jewish life is inherently more sacred, its loss more tragic—which is why the Nazi holocaust is still newsworthy after 75 years, unlike, for example, the several million Vietnamese killed by Americans less than 50 years ago. Fourth, consider this passage from a recent book:


We are a people descended from slaves who brought the world ideas that changed the course of history.  One God. Human dignity.  The sanctity of life.  Freedom itself.  That is our inheritance.  That is our legacy.  We are the people commanded to bring light into this world.


Only a flea’s hop separates this paean from Stephens’ genetic lucubrations.  It was written by Stephens’ Jewish supremacist colleague on the op-ed page, Bari Weiss, in her widely lauded How to Fight Anti-Semitism.