The Ghassan Abu Sittah Children’s Fund

December 30, 2023

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Planning for THE DAY AFTER

This Fund is dedicated to the children of Gaza: providing medical attention to the children who need it the most, helping to rebuild & relieve the medical sector in Gaza, and, eventually, establishing a sponsorship program for the over 20,000 children orphaned in Palestine.

Dr Ghassan Abu Sitta with Patient

The first project Dr. Abu Sittah will undertake, through this Fund, is the transportation of critically injured children with their caretakers from Palestine to Lebanon, where they can, receive the best possible medical care. The Fund will continue to work towards a full recovery for these children once they have returned home to Palestine.

By treating the children in Lebanon, we not only offer them exceptional care and access to top medical advances, but also help to relieve the medical sector in Gaza & The Occupied Territories.

Once medical cases have been attended to, the Fund will begin working towards a comprehensive Sponsorship Program.

Bank details and ways to donate:

Bank: First National Bank SAL
Acct Name: National Institute of Social Care and Vocational Training
Account: 0001-106845-050 USD
IBAN: LB97 0108 0000 0000 0011 0684 5050
Swift Code: FINKLBBE

For cash donations contact us on +961 3 000 373 or email:


Embark on a heartfelt journey of compassion with The Ghassan Abu Sittah Children’s Fund. Today, we’re not just planning for tomorrow; we’re crafting a lifeline for the children of Gaza. Your support will bring vital medical care to those who need it urgently, contribute to rebuilding Gaza’s fragile medical sector, and pave the way for a brighter future through a sponsorship program for over 20,000 orphaned children. Join us in turning dreams of hope into a reality. Every contribution is a step towards healing and rebuilding young lives.